Welcome! to The Ozarks' Coin Club home page.

     We are a club committed to the hobby of Numismatics           (collecting Coins, Currency & Tokens). 

We encourage all ages and even those who may not know much about numismatics to join the club.


We meet once a month, the first Tuesday of the month at: the Discovery Center 438 E. St. Louis  Springfield, Mo.    
We start every meeting with a social hour & Pizza  at 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.                                                              
At 6:30 p.m. our auction begins.  During the auction the YN's (Young Numismatists) go to another room to participate in activities to teach them about coins/currency.                                                                      
Then at 7:15 we start our membership meeting which consists of club business, a guest speaker who will give a talk about a coin or a type of currency that interests them, then  we have door prizes & drawings.
We offer an Evaluation Day open to the public. This is an opportunity to receive information and identification of coins or currency they may have. The next Evaluation Day is April 22, 2017 
We sponsor a Fall Coin Show every year where coin dealers from across the nation come to sell and buy coins.       The next Show is October 28 & 29, 2017.  See Upcoming Events Page for More Information.


 Mission Statement:  The Ozarks' Coin Club is a not for profit organization that strives to assist those interested in numismatics. Its primary goal is to reach out to young people (children) and help them learn about numismatics, and develop a lifelong interest in Coin Collecting, or Numismatics. It strives to develop an educational environment for Young people and Adults regarding Numismatics. It strives to provide an environment that will allow those interested in the hobby to discuss it with others who have like interest. It strives to host special educational opportunities such as summer seminars, special field trips, paging at major Coin Shows, and monthly programs that will further the overall knowledge of the hobby. It seeks to fulfill the goals of Truman Carter who set up an endowment to "assist young People in becoming educated in, and developing a lifelong interest in, Numismatics." The club has adopted his strong belief "That by assisting and guiding young people into such a productive hobby we will be assisting them in becoming a more productive citizen. One that will have a greater understanding of the role numismatics has and will continue playing in our lives and society."